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Villa stone customization cant do know the stone care knowledge!

2020-05-23 17:04:04

As a relatively advanced building material, custom-made villa stone requires irregular maintenance care. Whether it is a new stone an innovative stone, as time goes by, the customization of villa stone will be more less worn out. At this time, professional care of the stone is needed. Under normal circumstances, there are the following nursing methods:

   1. Clean with water

  Clean water cleaning is an effective low-cost method. However, it is worth noting that when cleaning the stone with water, you should pay great attention to the water consumption, because a little bit of the water consumption will cause the stone to appear water spots.

   2. Appearance push dust care

  In daily life, there are often some nutshells, footprints floating dust on the surface of stone, such as hotels. These debris will only affect the appearance, but also affect the gloss of the stone surface. At this time, it is necessary to use dust to clean up these debris in time.

   3. Appearance non-slip care

   Whether it is ceramic tiles stone, they will face the problem of anti-slip on their appearance, their anti-slip is related to the safety of the family. Therefore, water stains on the surface of the stone must be cleaned up in time, the non-slip properties of the stone surface should be added.



4. Surface waxing care

Customized surface waxing treatment for villa stone is a more traditional care method. Its advantages are low price simple construction method. However, it also has some noteworthy local areas. For example, the waxing treatment of ground stone should use liquid wax instead of solid wax. , Because the solid wax will make the stone slip, it is easy to cause slip fall injuries.

   5. Protective treatment

   Generally speaking, stone materials used for decoration will have stone protective agents, which can protect the stone the damage of pollutants within a certain period of time, then extend the life of the stone. However, the quality of the stone protective agent, the application environment the impact of construction, so the protective construction of the protective agent must be carried out regularly.

   6. Appearance brightener care

   Villa stone custom-made appearance brightener can also be used in the daily care of the stone, but this long face effect varies stone to stone, its effect is limited.

  7. Appearance crystal care

   Villa stone custom exterior crystal care only improves the exterior decoration effect of the stone, but also improves the decoration level of the stone. So it is widely used in stone care. So what are its advantages?

  ①Improve the hardness of the stone also improve the wear resistance of the stone surface;

  ②Add the gloss look of the stone surface;

   To a certain extent add the anti-slip stain resistance of the stone surface.


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Address: Building G, No. 23, Shatan South Road, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City

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