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Marble processing manufacturers explain the decoration order

2020-05-23 17:05:43

1. Organize a thorough exemption for high places, use moist clean floor mopping to drive away tidy, no sand oxides at high places. 2. After all the upper layers of the stone have been removed, the small damage points in front of each stone the middle seams of the stones will be constructed with marble glue, the original damaged upper layer will be constructed with warm stone-colored marble glue at first. Then use a special stone slitting machine to neatly cut open the seams in the original stone, so that the length of the cracks will be compensated by the warm stone color marble glue (Note: If it is already at this time There is no need to re-sew the pipe bundles that have been made.) After the marble processing factory organizes the construction, it must wait for the glue to dry before it can make the next product.

3. After the marble glue is wetted, it will be used for polishing the whole high place with the grinder, the whole vertical polishing, the caulking glue between the key polished stones the edges of the surrounding walls, decorative surfaces, irregular surfaces. Insist on the relief of all stone heights, complete the first polishing, hold the marble glue caulking again. The caulking has been completed the second polishing will be held in the future. The new stone innovation machine is equipped with steel calligraphy water polishing pads thicker to finer. (150 meshes, 300 meshes, 500 meshes, 800 meshes, 1000 meshes, 1500 meshes, 2000 meshes, 3000 meshes), a total of eight times have been polished polished. After all, the heights are soothing smooth.


4. After the polishing is completed, it is first used for the water suction machine to hold the tube bundle for the moisture at the height, together with the blow dryer to hold the wet tube bundle for the entire stone height. If it is promised for a period of time, it can also be used for natural soaking stick to the upper layer of the stone. Moist.

5. Transistor beam: Use the granite crystal powder combined crystal face machine to polish, the marble processing factory will make the stone crystal powder under the influence of low temperature reproduce physics physical chemistry under the influence of low temperature to induce chemical reactions, breed a delicate delicate layer. The crystal protective layer, after the stone is layered into a crystal mirror surface, is used for vacuum cleaners to absorb the residue moisture in the heights. After all, it is polished with a polishing pad to make the whole height almost wet. If the damage is limited, the crystal can be repaired. Walk after the completion of the project.


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