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The main purpose of villa stone customization the obedience of the stone

2020-05-23 17:07:25

With the widespread use vigorous development of stone home decoration, granite is used in a wide area is one of the most important decorative stones. Excellent granite only points out that it is very smooth, but also has bright metal lenses. Granite is hard very hard. It is taller has a wide life span for exercise, so it has been favored by many customers.

What is the key point of villa stone customization?

Customized corners corners of villa stone materials are also repeatedly used as artificial stones, terrazzo, stone rice, stone powder, can be used as fillers for paint, plastic, plastic companies. Some granites can also be used as alkali-resistant materials.

Granite has high compressive strength excellent chemical reliability. It only has attractive colors, but also attractive decorations. Granite sculpture plates are transferred to building decoration in large quantities to study, they are available near people's scenery. Very important to obey orders.


Stone home decoration is regarded as a kind of fortification decoration material, it is widely used in the decoration of interior exterior designers, curtain wall decoration mass equipment construction projects. Stone is one of the joint raw materials of buildings, sculptures, road sections, highway bridge construction projects.

Natural stone materials are roughly divided into red limestone, rock formations, limestone, granite, sedimentary rocks, etc. Artificial stone is divided into red terrazzo composition stone according to the product. Terrazzo is forged pressed materials such as building materials cement; the pebbles that make up the stone natural stone are used as raw materials, plus a binder, etc., which are cooled polished.

There are few limestones such as marble, granite, dolomite, skarn so on. Granite thus marble represent a type of limestone, which also includes carbonate rocks related metamorphic cliffs, which are softer than white marble.


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Contact number: 0760-86783147

Address: Building G, No. 23, Shatan South Road, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City

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