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What to do with the historical background wall of stone home improvement

2020-05-23 17:09:21

1. Implement historical background retrofitting, take care of the lower layer of the outer wall as early as possible. The lower outer wall must be deleted clean, no floating dust shall be leveled the moisture-proof layer shall be altered.

2. The keel is installed fixed. Regarding the thick granite slab, the marble processing factory selects the steel keel to reduce the discordant impregnated stone of the external wall improve the overall seismic resistance. According to the plan, the wall drill bit is embedded in the fixing parts, the keel welds the masonry fixing parts, the support frame is re-welded to the keel, the keel should be injected to be stable flat with the outer wall.

3. The marble head is installed. The overall horizontal line the horizontal control line must be included in the stone home decoration installation. The stone must be installed on the support frame. First fix the upper part of the granite slab drill the hole, insert the support frame hanger, fine-tune lock Tightly re-fix the lower inner side of the stone, fix the plate with anchoring agent in the open field.

4. Stone caulking technology. After the granite slabs are installed, the leisure between the slabs the slabs is taken care of by bonding. The dust oxides in the pure gaps are deleted first, the cracks are filled with foam strips. , Post tape white paper anti-adhesive glue on the edge of the board to contaminate the upper layer of granite. After gluing, the glue seam is allowed to lubricate smooth.


In modern residential construction projects, no residential area organizes terraces, this organizer is welcomed by everyone. With everyone’s hospitality, all of this has become a center of innovation. Experts lovers are free to choose high-end stone paving when innovating terraces. Among them, terrace granite is one of the rarer ones. The advantages of terrace granite may make your own The home may have a good luminosity, so the sunlight coming in the process of granite soaring may make the room bright, the granite stone terrace is easy to fade, can continue to maintain this original luminosity. In order to make all the innovative capitals completely pure, what must we be cautious about if the terrace granite spoils it?

1. Multiple splicing terrace boards are flat straight: the length width of the material terrace boards are too long the width is inconsistent. It should be prudent to extract the same board at the same place during engineering. It is necessary to first check that the foundation should be flat, try to level it with a large core board for innovation, then re-lay artificial granite.

2. When laying granite on the terrace, there must be a cushion under the cushion, which must have a box slab cushion of no more than 1.5 cm in thickness; the water retaining under the countertop must be double-layer artificial stone, it must be bonded well-balanced. Lagging, the bonding surface is flat fully modified with bonding glue to enhance the high strength of the countertop prevent withering; when the high temperature is high, in order to prevent the restriction aggravating the cracking, I do want to keep polishing in one place.

3. The balcony board cannot be inserted into the cap slot of the window downstairs: the conditions for installing the window sill board should be tested before the project, the project should be stubbornly pre-installed fixed after it is rejected.

4. The bottom cushion of the terrace board is illusory: the graying is strict, the level of the window sill board is inconsistent, the level of the leveling strip is inconsistent; The cushion is firm, twisted tightly, firmly fixed.


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