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The appearance of different grades of stone home improvement boards is different!

2020-05-23 17:10:32

The appearance of different grades of stone home improvement panels is different. Because marble is naturally formed, disadvantages are inevitable. At the same time, the quality of processing equipment measuring tools is also the reason for the shortcomings of the plate. Some boards are full (warped sinking), the board has defects (cracks, sand holes, stains, etc.), the board specifications are different (such as missing edges corners, the board is correct). According to national standards, all grades of marble slabs are agreed to have certain shortcomings, but the superior products are so obvious. Marble processing manufacturers take you to learn more!

The unevenness of the surface gloss of the stone home improvement board will greatly affect the decoration effect. Generally speaking, the polished surface of the stone home improvement board should have the same gloss as the mirror surface, which can clearly reflect the scene. However, because of the different chemical compositions of marbles of different qualities, even products of the same grade have great differences in gloss.


Drop a small drop of ink on the reverse side of the stone. If the ink quickly spreads around leaches, it indicates that the particles inside the stone are loose there are gaps, the quality of the stone is good; if the ink drops stay in place, the stone is of good texture.

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which is easily corroded by acid. If it is used outdoors, it will react with CO2, SO2, water vapor acidic media in the air, it will be simply weathered corroded. The surface will lose luster, rough porous, reduce the decoration effect. A small amount of pure quality less impurity varieties such as white marble Ai Yeqing are generally suitable for outdoor decoration.

Engraving is also called hollowing, which means that the part of the stone that does reflect the image is hollowed out, the part that can reflect the image is retained. Due to the difficulty of carving, the selection of stone materials, work layout, tool equipment carving procedures are all different general carving techniques. The carved stone material is pure in quality, especially the hollow part, there should be no cracks high-density sand grid, otherwise it will simply form cracks.


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Contact number: 0760-86783147

Address: Building G, No. 23, Shatan South Road, Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan City

E-mail: 381641932@qq.com

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