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What aspects should be considered in the selection of villa stone customization

2020-05-23 17:33:56

In response to the situation most customers require us to measure on site issue design drawings, the marble processing manufacturer has formulated a "consensual payment" solution. The details are as follows:

First of all, stone products, especially home improvement stone products, require on-site survey measurement work. However, stone products are different other products. They are highly professional. There is no specific size on site, no specific design plan, no specific price budget. Therefore, there is no way to sign a contract pay after we provide you with services;

Secondly, marble processing manufacturers have had too many cases. After we measured issued the design drawings, some customers were silent.

Thirdly, while we provide you with measurement design, we will undoubtedly incur some costs, including transportation costs, working hours, design costs, customers who are far away may also involve more cost items;

Therefore, the marble processing manufacturer has formulated a "consensual payment" solution. When providing you with the initial measurement design, a certain amount of fees will be charged for your project's distance other factors; later, if you successfully cooperate with our company, this fee It will be returned to your total contract amount based on factors such as the size of your project. If you fail to reach a cooperation with our company, this payment will be refunded. I also hope that new old customers will understand more!

At present, the custom-made villa stone is mainly used for decoration. Compared with other decoration materials, the big difference is that the stone is a natural mineral, which is available in many aspects such as color, texture, construction material acquisition. Its unique conditions; therefore, it also has its application when selecting. On the whole, stone selection should be considered the following aspects:


(1) Consideration of budget cost.

Different stone materials often have significant differences in price due to their different quality, quantity, mining location.

(2) The expression of aesthetics.

Factors such as the color, pattern texture of the stone are more subjective in the selection, they have a deeper understanding of natural stone, they will be more excellent flexible in the expression of the design mood. Generally speaking, marble stone has richer colors patterns, the texture is mainly smooth soft. Although granite has less changes in color pattern, it is more flexible in texture. In addition, granite appears more solemn classic in the overall feeling.

(3) Mastery of stone quality.

(1) Uniformity completeness of the material: problems such as dark cracks, black scars chromatic aberration should be avoided as much as possible.

(2) The composition of the stone:

(1) Avoid excessively high levels of harmful substances such as iron sulfide, iron oxide, salt, carbon clay in the custom villa stone.

(2) Avoid custom-made villa stones containing radiation.

(3) Avoid the high thermal expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity electrical conductivity of mineral components in the custom villa stone to avoid the danger of cracks, thermal conductivity electrical conductivity.

(Four), durability considerations.

Choosing a stone with good durability can only keep the appearance of the building exterior, but also ensure the firmness safety of the stone.

It is also understood that the emergence of some new technologies also provides conditions for the large-scale use of decoration stone. For example, the emergence of geothermal technology has solved the problem of cold stone in winter, its inherent characteristics of being easily deformed have made more more people tend to choose stone when decorating the floors of homes offices. Because the thinnest 3mm thin marble slab is greatly reduced in weight, it can replace the use of traditional wall tiles.


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