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How to distinguish the authenticity of stone decoration?

2020-05-23 17:35:22

The country has strict applicable classification standards for stone furniture, which are divided into four categories, namely A, B, C greater than C. Class A, applicable to any place. Class B, applicable to any place except indoors, Class C, applicable to construction outdoor environments, walls, roads, etc. Larger than Class C, only applicable to dams, seawalls bridge piers. The production processing units are strictly classified processed according to this standard. Besides, the radon gas the radioactive nuclear decay of stone home decoration is mainly caused by internal radiation. The International Commission for Radiological Defense (ICRP) stipulates that the internal radiation ammonia concentration must be high. At 100Bp/square meter, the standards of China's A, B, C three types of stone home decoration are: A type is higher than 70 Bp; B type is higher than 90 Bp; C type is higher than 100 Bp. This shows that our country's standards are stricter than the world standards.

"The radioactive substance in stone home decoration is mainly radon, but radon gas is heavier than air generally sinks on the ground. If it is under ventilated conditions, oxygen will be diluted, the oxygen concentration will be insufficient, it will never harm the human body. ; If the indoor ventilation is poor, it takes a person 24 hours to stay indoors for half a year before they can be injured. Once the person walks around, the radon gas will be resolved. Therefore, the radioactive hazards of stone decoration to the human body are almost negligible Very little, besides, marble is a kind of non-radioactive can be called "green building material". It is the most ideal stone home decoration in home decoration."


Nowadays, when people decorate their homes, the pursuit of high-end decoration materials has become a new fashion. Among many materials, the use of stone for home decoration is more common. However, the quality of stone home improvement products currently on the market varies greatly. Without some basic knowledge of choosing stone home decoration, consumers are very likely to be deceived during the decoration process. For the finished decorative stone home decoration, its quality can be distinguished the following four aspects:

At first glance, that is, to observe the surface structure of stone furniture with the naked eye. Generally speaking, stone home decoration with uniform fine material structure has a delicate texture, which is the best product for stone home decoration; stone home decoration with coarse grain unequal grain structure has poor appearance effect. In addition, stone furniture often produces some small cracks due to the influence of geology. Stone furniture is most likely to break along these parts should be removed. As for the lack of edges corners, it affects the appearance, so you should pay special attention when choosing.

The second quantity is the size of the stone home decoration, so as to affect the splicing, cause the pattern, pattern, line deformation after splicing, affect the decorative effect.

Listen three times, that is, listen to the percussive sound of stone decoration. Generally speaking, the percussion sound of good-quality stone furnishings is clear pleasant; on the contrary, if there are slight cracks in the stone furnishings the contact between the particles becomes loose due to weathering, the percussive sound is rough.

Four tests, that is, use simple test methods to test the quality of stone home decoration. Usually a small drop of ink is dropped on the back of the stone home improvement. If the ink quickly disperses leaches, it indicates that the internal particles of the stone home improvement are loose there are gaps. Good home decoration texture.


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