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Stone home decoration processing process?

2020-05-23 17:36:50

1. Mining. Divided into two types of artificial mining blasting mining. There are two types of blasting mining, micro blasting mining large blasting mining. Marble granite along the coast (the granite along the coast is relatively soft) are often mined manually by micro-blasting, while the granite in Sichuan (which is relatively hard) is generally mined by large blasting. The utilization rate of mining materials in large-scale blasting is very low, most of them are broken during blasting. Therefore, this method is generally used unless the stone is home improvement.

2. Block processing. The big stones that are mined are called blocks, which are generally processed into slabs with diamond disc saws. For marble, they can also be processed with emery saws. The diamond disc saw uses a large disc-shaped saw blade with powder metallurgy bonded diamond particles inlaid on the saw blade. This kind of equipment can process super-hard stone for home decoration, it is more flexible to use. The disadvantage is that the diameter of the disc requires twice the height of the stone home decoration plus the diameter of the flange, the large saw blade diameter is easy to manufacture, so it is conducive to processing Oversized sheets. The emery saw uses a row (multiple) of strip saw blades. Each saw blade is similar to the hand-saw blade used by carpenters. However, the emery saw is arranged in parallel with the same interval as the thickness of the board, so that the sand saw The whole block can be sawed into many sheets at once. However, since emery saws use emery as abrasive, they are suitable for processing hard granite are generally only used for processing marble. In addition, if there is a defect in the block that has been found before processing, since the diamond sawing process is completed at one time, it will be too late to find the defect after the processing is completed, which will result in the scrap of the entire block waste of the processing fee. Therefore, it is suitable for stone home improvement varieties with more defects. The sawn boards are called wool boards.


3. Plate polishing. There are many types of polishing equipment, ranging small hand-held to large fully automatic. Generally, emery is used as abrasive. For granite polishing, a composite material cemented emery abrasive block (also called a grinding head) is generally used for polishing, generally there are 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5# 0#, a total of 6 kinds of abrasive blocks, 1 #Z粗,5# is very fine, 0# is a polishing paste without emery. Generally, the processing is carried out sequentially 1# to 5#, finally 0# is used for polishing. Marble polishing is generally done by using felt, waxing then adding various emery powders of different particle thicknesses. The polished plate is called a light plate.

Fourth, trim the edges. The light board is cut into the required size by the trimming machine, then it can be sold at the factory. Generally, common specifications are 800*800mm 600*600mm in China, 500*500mm. For export boards, 305*305mm, 406*406mm, 610*610mm, 812*812mm other specifications are commonly used, according to customer needs Custom specifications. After the above process, the stone home decoration can be shipped out.

5. On-site processing. Sometimes it is necessary to perform on-site processing of stone home decoration at the construction site, for example, it is necessary to reduce cut corners. This is generally performed by using a portable cutting machine.


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